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Animal Kingdom

1)  An undifferentiated layer present between ectoderm and endoderm is called -

A) Mesoglea

B) Mesoderm

C) Mesentery

D) Parenchyma

Answer A) Mesoglea

In diploblastic animals Mesoderm is absent instead an undifferentiated layer called mesoglea is present

2)   Which of the following characteristics is not associated with members of cnidaria or coelenterate?

A) Alternation of generation (metagenesis between polyp and medusa)

B) Nematocysts, gastrovascular cavity, extracellular+ intracellular digestion

C) Nematocyst i cnidoblast

D) Triploblastic forms

Answer D) Triploblastic forms

Cnidarians are diploblastic in nature

3)   Some cnidarian like coral e.g. meandrina (brain coral) exoskeleton is composed of-

A) Silicious

B) CaCO3

C) Chitinous

D) Proteinaceous

Answer B) CaCO3

Calcium carbonate is present in certain corals

4)  The metagenesis is seen in -

A) Hydra

B) Adamsia (sea anemone)

C) Aurelia

D) Obelia

Answer D) Obelia

Metagenesis is alternation of generation

5)   Select the correct one for ctenophora -

A) They have similarities with cnidaria

B) They have 8 external rows of ciliated comb plates for locomotion

C) Bioluminescence

D) All

Answer D) All

When living organisms emit light it is called as bioluminescence

6)  Common character between flatworms, roundworms and earthworms is -

A) bilaterally symmetrical

B) organ-system level of body organisation    

C) Triploblastic

D) All the Above

Answer D) All the Above

Their body is formed of 3 layers with organ-system level of body organisation and bilaterally symmetry    

7)  A feature absent in annelids is -

A) Nephridia (osmoregulatory +excretory organ).

B) Lateral swimming appendages in aquatic forms like nereis

C) Longitudinal and circular muscles helping in locomotion

D) Pseudocoelom

Answer D) Pseudocoelom

Annelids are the first eucoelomates

8) Over 2/3 of all named species on earth belong to -

A) Arthropoda

B) Annelida

C) Chordata

D) Flatworms

Answer A) Arthropoda

Arthropoda is the largest phylum over contributes flre thar 2/3 belong animals

9) Which one is the second largest animal phylum?

A) Mollusca

B) Arthopoda

C) Chordata

D) Cnidaria

Answer A) Mollusca

Mollusca is the 2nd largest phylum next to arthropoda

10) Spiny skinned animals with radial symmetry in adult and bilateral in larva belong to -

A) Echinodermata

B) Arthropoda

C) Mollusca

D) Annelida

Answer A) Echinodermata

Spines in echinoderms are made of calcium

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