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Biological Classification

1) Two kingdom classification was introduced by

A) Carolus Linnaeus

B) Theophratus

C) Benthamls

D) Hooker

Answer A) Carolus Linnaeus

Linnaeus classified organisms into two kingdom Plantae and Animalia

2)   In Two Kingdom classification bacteria is placed along with _____

A) Protozoa

B) Fungi

C) Annelids

D) Mammals

Answer B) Fungi

In two kingdom classification bacteria,fungi,algae and higher plants were placed together.

3)   In three domain system kindom monera is divided into two domains on the basis of

A) 28s rRNA

B) 23s rRNA

C) 16s rRNA

D) 5s rRNA

Answer C) 16s rRNA

In 3 domain system kingdom monera is divided into 2 domains (Archea and Bacteria) on the basis of sequence of 16s rRNA

4)  Holozoic type of nutrition is seen in ___

A) Protista

B) Fungi

C) Plantae

D) Animalia

Answer D) Animalia

In Animalia the mode of nutrition is Heterotrophic (Holozoic or Saprophytic)

5)   The nucleus of prokaryotes is known as

A) Genophore 

B) Incipient nucleus

C) Nucleoid

D) All of these

Answer D) All of these

The nucleus of prokaryotes is known as incipient nucleus,genophore,nucleoid or fibrillar nucleus

6)  _____ requires intensive laboratory and field studies

A) Identification

B) Classification

C) Characterisation

D) Nomenclature

Answer A) Identification

Identification is the most crucial step in taxonomy

7) Methonogens are used in the production of

A) Biogas

B) Oil

C) Scents

D) Plastic

Answer A) Biogas

Methonogens are present in the dung of ruminant animals which are used in the production of biogas

8) Bacteria reproduces mainly by

A) Budding

B) Spore formation

C) Fission

D) Conjugation

Answer C) Fission

Bacteria reproduces mainly by fission. umder unfavourable conditions they reproduce by forming spores

9) Aexual reproduction in Diatoms is by

A) Binary fission

B) Spore formation

C) Conjugation

D) None of these

Answer A) Binary fission

Diatoms,Dinoflagellates and Euglenoids reproduce asexually by binary fission

10) Soap box shaped cell wall is seen in

A) Chrysophytes

B) Euglenoids

C) Slime moulds

D) Prtozoans

Answer A) Chrysophytes

In diatoms cell wall forms two thin overlapping shells which fit together as a soap box

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