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Living World

1)   ____ and ____ are known as twin characteristics of growth

A) Increase in mass,Cell differentiation

B) Increase in number of individuals,Cell differentiation

C) Increase in mass,Increase in number of individuals

D) Cell differentiation,Cell organisation

Answer C) Increase in mass,Increase in number of individuals

Multicellular organisms grow by an increase in body mass and unicellular organisms grow by increase in number of individuals

2)   Which of the following is the defining feature of living organisms?

A) Growth

B) Reproduction


D) Consciousness

Answer D) Consciousness

Cellular organisation,Metabolism and Consciousness are the defining feature of living organisms

3)   The number of species known and described ranges between_____ Million

A) 1.6-1.7

B) 1.7-1.8

C) 1.8-1.9

D) 2.1-2.3

Answer B) 1.7-1.8

According to IUCN the number of species described was 1.7-1.8 Million

4)   Presence of extrernal ears and body hair are charactericrtics of

A) Reptiles

B) Birds


D) Fishes

Answer C)Mammals

Presence of external ears and body hair are characterisctics of class mammalia

5)   According to taxonomic studies species is considered as group of organisms

A) Having fundamental and morphological similarities

B) Which interbreed among themselves

C) Having same ancestors

D) Having same origin

Answer A) Having fundamental and morphological similarities

Taxonomic studies defines species as "group of organisms having fundamental and morphological similarities"

6)  _____ requires intensive laboratory and field studies

A) Identification

B) Classification

C) Characterisation

D) Nomenclature

Answer A) Identification

Identification is the most crucial step in taxonomy

7)  Indian Botanical Garden is present in

A) Lucknow

B) Chennai

C) Howrah

D) Delhi

Answer C) Howrah

Kew - England
Indian Botanical Garden - Howrah
Indian Botanical Research Insstitue - Lucknow

8) Each statement in a key is called

A) Lead

B) Couplet

C) Line

D) Duplet

Answer A) Lead

Each statement in a key is called lead and keys are generally analytical in nature

9) _____ contains the actual account of the habitat and distribution of plants in that given area

A) Flora

B) Manuals

C) Keys

D) Monographs

Answer A) Flora

Flora is one of the taxonomic aids

10) Plants in botanical garden is labelled containing ____ name

A) Family

B) Phylum

C) Class

D) Order

Answer A) Family

Plants in botanical garden are labelled indicating botanical names and family name

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