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Morphology Of Flowering Plants

1)   Roots developing from plant parts other than radicle are 

A) Epiphyllous

B) Epicaulous

C) Adventitious

D) Fibrous

Answer C) Adventitious

Usually roots originate from radicle

2)  Primary roots and its branches constitute -

A) Adventitious root system

B) Tap root system

C) Fibrous roots

D) Seminal roots

Answer B) Tap root system

Tap root system consists of Primary root, Secondary root and so on…

3)   Adventitious roots are adventitious in their -

A) Function

B) Position

C) Place of origin

D) Internal structure

Answer C) Place of origin

Adventitious roots originate from parts other than radicle

4)   Presence of extrernal ears and body hair are charactericrtics of

A) Reptiles

B) Birds


D) Fishes

Answer C)Mammals

Presence of external ears and body hair are characterisctics of class mammalia

5)   Root is distinguishable from stem in -

A) Having a root cap

B) Having root hairs

C) Absence of nodes and internodes

D) All of the above

Answer D) All of the above

Stem posses nodes and internodes

6) Prop or pillar roots in banyan tree are -

A) Fasciculated roots

B) Tap roots

C) Adventitious roots

D) Secondary roots

Answer C) Adventitious roots

Prop roots suport the plant body in banyan tree

7)  Pneumatophores are found in plants growing in swampy areas. such roots are seen in -

A) Ficus

B) Colocasia

C) Rhizophora

D) Alstonia

Answer C) Rhizophora

Rhizophora is seen in marshy areas

8) One of the following is not a root vegetable -

A) Sweet potato

B) Potato

C) Turnip

D) Carrot

Answer B) Potato

Potato is a modified stem

9) Thorn of citrus and bougainvillea is modified -

A) Stem

B) Root

C) Leaf

D) Inflorescence

Answer A) Stem

They arise from the axillary bud

10) Presence of sheathing leafbase covering the stem partially or wholly is the characteristic of certain -

A) Monocots

B) Fern

C) Cycas

D) Coconut

Answer A) Monocots

Sheathing leaf base is found in Monocots

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