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100+Questions every NEET aspirant asked me before saying yes to the Memoneet package

Determinant yet successful NEET Aspirants have asked me the most daring questions.

And it has never been hard on me as a CEO to answer the questions since we stand true to our users.

Yeah, I'm telling you they are Successful, hard-working students. How could ain't cheer them as they made informed yet smart decisions after listening to the queries? Though some of them put me on fire and asked me realistic questions. But personally, I loved their interest in the Memoneet app!

Before you decide to buy the Memoneet package, I want you to go through some plugs that exist in the Memoneet app!!

What is so unique about the Memoneet app besides Ncert MCQs?

When you download the Memoneet app from the play store and open it, you see Ncert biology chapters, units, and MCQs flashing on the screen.

There are more hidden postulates which are beyond this thrill.👇🏻

Question from 2016 Neet paper 👆🏻

Mirror Image of Previous Question paper in Memoneet app 👆🏻

Memoneet Question from Ncert line 👆🏻

Are you excited to discover more?

How will it help me in my Neet exam preparation?

Biology is never a limiting study. You may know it or not. What is the significant difference between people living in the Himalayas and those residing on terrains or plains?

High Rbc production.

This means people in the Himalayas have a higher level of erythropoietin(a hormone that regulates Rbc production) than survival at plains.

So that's how the linking between Questioning, answering, and explanation of every topic is retrieved in the Memoneet app. Helping you through cascading tasks where

  • first, you'll work on micro topics then

  • It tallies with your memory to retain it forever in long-term memory and

  • the reminders calling you to revise and repeat, again and again.

What do the users talk about the Memoneet app?

Our users love the quality creation of our app. Learning, memorizing is one part you can do by yourself. The other part is to retain the memory for a long time. Practicing through Creative questions of Memoneet app helps to think back and instant recall to the long theories you have much time you've spent on.

App with great utility for passionate Aspirants. Isn't it?

These are those few questions out of many I've decided to talk and share with you.

There is a limited time of 72 hours to enrol with this 20% coupon code.

There is no second thought of changing your mind. Take the chance, grab the opportunity, and head towards it.

Best regards,

Memoneet CEO

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