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3 Things that Must help you Crack NEET

I’m confident those who used MemoNeet for NEET 2024 preparation have performed brilliantly. We've had a flood of positive feedback from students nationwide. MemoNeet will continue to be a leader for NEET 2025.

To all those preparing for NEET 2025, here’s my advice. NEET preparation is quite straightforward.  It’s all about three things. Keep them in mind, and you’re set for success. First, focus on NTA. Second, study NCERT. Third, understand NEET. These are the critical points that anybody wanting to be a doctor should remember.

1. NTA

Your preparation journey must begin with a laser focus on NTA past year questions (PYQs). These questions are your golden ticket to understanding the exam's pulse. Before you dive into NCERT's line-by-line questions or start memorizing its extensive text, make it your mission to master every single PYQ from 2019 to 2024. These questions are not just practice; they are a window into the mind of the NTA examiners. You need to immerse yourself in these questions, dissect them, and understand their patterns and intricacies. Notice the recurring themes, the types of questions, and the specific lines and topics that NTA emphasizes. This is where your journey to excellence begins.

The NTA PYQs are more than mere practice material; they are the blueprint of your success. Each question you solve takes you one step closer to mastering the exam. It's not just about having the right answers; it's about understanding why those answers are correct, how the questions are framed, and what the examiners are truly testing. 

And here's some exciting news – MemoNeet is launching an NTA PYQ book that is highly awaited and incredibly useful. This book is designed to be your trusted companion, guiding you through the maze of past questions with ease and precision. It's more than a book; it's a comprehensive guide that simplifies years of exam patterns and insights into one powerful resource.


It is absolutely essential to stay within the bounds of the NCERT syllabus during your preparation. Every time you study, every test series you undertake, it is critical not to fall into the trap of over-studying or over-practicing. Many institutes may pressure students to practice an overwhelming 60,000 MCQs, but this approach is unnecessary and counterproductive. Instead, focus on solving around 10,000 high-quality MCQs. These questions should be meticulously chosen to cover the entire breadth and depth of the NCERT syllabus. This focused practice ensures that you thoroughly understand the key concepts and can apply them effectively. The goal is not to drown in an ocean of questions but to master a curated set that hones your skills and reinforces your knowledge. By concentrating on quality over quantity, you can achieve a deep and comprehensive understanding of the NCERT material, which is more than sufficient to excel in your exams. Remember, it's about smart work, not just hard work. Embrace this strategy, and you'll find yourself well-prepared and confident in your knowledge and abilities.


NEET is an MCQ-type examination, and of all three sections, many students struggle with physics. But here's the truth: NEET physics is not designed to be insurmountable. The problems you'll encounter won't require pages of complex calculations. Instead, they are crafted to test your understanding of concepts and your ability to apply formulas effectively. If you know the formula and grasp the concept, you should be able to solve most problems in just one or two mathematical steps.

This means you should avoid wasting time on overly complicated problems that require extensive calculations. Such problems are unlikely to appear in NEET. Instead, focus on solving NEET-level questions that align with the NCERT syllabus and are based on the NTA pattern. These are the types of questions that will help you succeed in the exam.

MemoNeet’s Brahmastra Test Series adheres to these guidelines completely. This test series contains relevant questions that mirror the NEET exam's format and difficulty level and will allow you to make it your mission to concentrate on these three key aspects: understanding the concepts, knowing the formulas, and practicing only NEET-level questions.

By focusing your efforts on these areas, you'll be well-prepared to excel in NEET. Remember, it's not about the quantity of problems you solve but the quality and relevance of your practice. With this strategic approach, you can tackle NEET with confidence and achieve the success you're aiming for. Stay dedicated, stay focused, and trust in the process. You have the capability to excel in NEET and make your dreams a reality.

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