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Advantage of Memoneet Over NCERT Fingertips

In this modern age, we see many people prefer reading books through apps rather than physical books. Don't you agree? We see a lot of people studying through e-books who don't even touch a book. Because this technology helps to save time and dust off the weight from shoulders. Memoneet app is developed technically with lots of advantages, which can help you crack the NEET exam and achieve your dream. You can use it at your fingertips at any time and anywhere without any troubles.

Before getting into comparison given below are the highlights of the Memoneet App for NEET Biology

  1. About 90% of Questions of NEET 2021 Biology were covered exactly in the Memoneet App (Don't believe it? Download the app and the document and compare it by yourself)

  2. Currently, 40K+ Neet aspirants (users) are earning the benefits of repeat technology.

  3. 15, 923 interactive Neet Questions only from Ncert are present. Along with Previous 30 Years Questions.

  1. Repeat technology invites you multiple times to revise negative answers you've marked.

The best thing about the Memoneet app is, whenever you attempt a question incorrectly, the same question gets repeated in the coming days until you're done remembering it well.

Memoneet App

NCERT Fingertips

​Repeat the wrong attempt questions to practice again and again

​You only memorize one time while practicing the respective exercise of the Chapter.

2.NCERT line by line Questions

It is noticeable that in any practicing book, you don't find complete questions covered from any chapter of NCERT. NCERT Fingertips or bit banks have questions in advance levels, or we can say even some irrelevant questions.

You might have to go on studying from NCERT Textbook and practicing with MTG fingertips. But are you confident in answering every question that may be asked in Neet 2022 from the chapter? Haven't you experienced wrong attempts in well-studied chapters?

Every aspirant experiences it because they concentrate on getting done with MTG Fingertips questions. Rather than practicing and creating questions from the NCERT book.

Memoneet App

NCERT Fingertips

​In the memoneet app, you'll find every question taken from line to line of NCERT Biology.

​Unrelated advance questions and uncovered NCERT

3.Interactive and fun learning

A NEET aspirant must have faced only MCQ and assertion questions in bit banks. In the Memoneet App, you'll find FILLUP, ORDER, and MATCH-type questions along with MCQs and ASSERTION. You can practice and memorize NCERT at your fingertips at any time at any place.

Memoneet App

NCERT Fingertips

​Different types(fillup, order, match, MCQs, assertion, true & false) of Questions to keep you engaged and practice more without any boredom

​It exhausted you with the same format.

4.Revision algorithm in memoneet app

After attempting questions in an NCERT Fingertips, you don't get the benefits of more time revision and practicing both at a time for any completed chapter.

While with Memoneet App, you will get the benefits of revision. The attempted and practiced questions pop on your screen. Seeking your time and attention for revisions, calling you to retain the already memorized and practiced information for a longer time.

Memoneet App

NCERT Fingertips

​More Revisions and practising of questions Retaining information from short-term memory to long term.

​No revision and practising benefits.

5.Save Time

Instead of assigning more time for turning and twisting MTG, you can directly practice questions in the memoneet app at any time in your comfort zone.

When travelling from college to home or Vice versa, you can operate NCERT Biology through the Memoneet app, even When you're stuck in a function or between guests.

Many situations where you don't feel like opening a book and feeling bored. Memoneet app assists in memorizing NEET biology to crack the exam. Thereby you'll get extra time for advanced study and getting ahead in the schedule.

Memoneet App

NCERT Fingertips

Save time and help to practice NCERT at any place and any gathering.

Not comfortable, using at every place.


A NEET aspirant spends a lot of money on travelling, offline tuition, advanced theory books, and handbooks. While comparing these things, the memoneet app costs much less than bit banks and NCERT Fingertips books.

Curious to explore the app? Download it here! Get your doubts clear by connecting with the team.

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