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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

A Neet aspirant is always searching for the best books for the Neet exam. It is the quest of every student to find these books. So let us ease the predicament and provide you with a definite answer. When you search for the best books for Neet, the NCERT books find a clear way on top. NCERT books for classes 11th and 12th are the best sources to prepare for exams. Almost 90% of the Neet exam comes from NCERT books. NCERT books are reliable for Neet exams because they cover all fundamental concepts and themes of topics. Therefore, if you have a firm grasp of the concepts in this book, then the probability of securing admission increases.

Best Books for Neet

So let us further dwell on the topic and find all the best books for the Neet exam. Following are the best books for Neet Exam.

Biology Books

The biology section of the Neet Exam holds more weightage than the others as it contains 90 questions. The portion allocates 360 marks to the total of 720. So, it is evident that Neet aspirants should focus more on this section and build their concepts. The section involves questions from botany and zoology, each one carrying equal marks distribution. Therefore, the candidates must be adept in both. The best approach to enhance the aptitude in the biology portion of Neet is by consulting the NCERT books. For an objective-based question approach, Trueman’s objective biology for Neet is fitting.

Checklist Of Best Neet Biology Books

  • NCERT biology class 11th and 12th

  • Trueman’s Objective Biology for Neet Vol 1 & 2

  • Dinesh Objective Biology

  • Pradeep Guide on Biology

  • Ansari Objective Botany

Physics Books

The gist of the physics portion in the Neet exam contains electrostatics, electromagnetism, and mechanics. The questions in the exam are both numerical-based and conceptual. Therefore, to deal with the physics section students must be excellent in both domains. The portion comprises of 45 questions which hold 180 marks. Strengthening your physics concepts can be difficult but preparing from the best Neet physics books enables you to do so. Most of the physics portion belongs to NCERT books. Additionally, Physics by H.C Verma further builds your concepts. Problems of general physics by I.E Irodov will also help you understand the classic questions in physics.

Checklist For Best Neet Physics Books

  • NCERT Physics Class 11th and 12th

  • Problems of General Physics by I.E Irodov

  • Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma

  • Fundamentals of Physics by Pradeep

Chemistry Books

The chemistry section of the Neet Exam also consists of 45 questions that hold 180 marks. For securing good marks in chemistry, the students must be outstanding in organic, inorganic, and physical chemistry. Ace the chemistry portion by practicing organic chemistry, revising inorganic chemistry, and developing the concepts of physical chemistry. The recommended books for Neet chemistry are NCERT which cultivates basic concepts. Modern Approach to Chemistry by R.C Mukherjee also solves the conceptual ambiguities for students.

Checklist For Neet Chemistry Books

  • NCERT Chemistry Class 11th and 12th

  • Modern Approach to Chemistry by R.C Mukherjee

  • OP Tandon Physical Chemistry

  • JD Lee Concise Inorganic Chemistry

  • Dinesh Guide to Chemistry

Helping Apps

After the study sessions from the books, students must resort to practice. Some excellent apps provide the platform for testing exam knowledge. One such app is Memoneet. It specializes in NCERT biology and focuses on the concepts in the book. The biology section dominates the Neet exam so students should ensure that they don’t lose marks in it. They can practice the biology concepts to enrich their understanding. The line-by-line questions from the NCERT book help students to assess what they have learned. Memoneet also contains mock test features, and previous Neet exam questions allow students to analyze their preparation.

To holistically and conceptually approach the Neet Exam, the NCERT books are appropriate. You can further strengthen your grasp by consulting the other books. Prepare for all three subjects equally and do not modify your study approach according to marks distribution. These books will build your concepts but practicing questions daily, giving the mock test, and revising the topics will take you towards your goal.

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