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Caution: Avoid this before the Neet exam!!

Trust me or not, we can't grow if we don't overcome fear.

You already carry bundles of knowledge, but the buckets of fear are also filled in you! Am I right?

In the coming days before the Neet exam, you may adore fear in your mind more than valuing the passion, the dream, the horizon of becoming a doctor.

Guess what? If the baby bird feared falling from a branch on its first flight, you wouldn't see them flying high in the sky today and wonder about your heights to reach in life.

Make a list of fears and start overcoming them one by one. I can only put a few of them in front of you, but it's you who need to bring life to the action by omitting fear and adoring confidence.

  1. Don't get disheartened and lose your mind when you get low scores in a mock test.

Solution:- it's okay if you get a low mark. It's just practice. You don't need to consume that fear in you. That not so legit test can't decide your hard overtime work.

  1. What happens if you don't crack this Neet exam?

Solution:- Be self-motivated. Our brain has two-phase activities of being negative and being positive. This negative thinking leads to anxiety and depression. You need to hydrate yourself with motivation.

The Neet exam is on the head, So the sun. Don't you think the sun is posing a lot of hot pics this August? I feel like we are going through another round of summer in 2021.

Anyway, I'm so delighted to share that our Memoneet team is growing in its mission along with size. Yeah, you heard it right. We are introducing new features! Huge surprises are coming next!

Memoneet app comes with benefits and helps you to bag a Medical seat. Is there any fear in you if it's worth your investment or not? Together let's get it over.

Look how people are talking about the Memoneet app!

Say less or more but do give it a try!


It's all about beats in the heartstrings of these passionate Aspirants to become doctors!!

More value!

This demand makes us alive!

Challenging MCQs and keyword answers taken from each line of Ncert isn't only a practice session but also a brain storage chip of Ncert line imagery.

Spending thousands on bit banks that are all unrelated to Ncert and unrelated bunches of Mcqs can't help you in the next exam if you can't remember a line of Ncert.

We are devoted to the same price though how many heights of success we may reach. Making it affordable to each person is our primary vision.

So come on, your time spent on this email is valuable to me.

Apply this 20% off coupon code and get lifetime access to the Memoneet app. Stay tuned for upcoming updates and features.

Until next time,

Memoneet team.

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