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How to avoid negative marking in the NEET-UG exam

Updated: Nov 18, 2021

As a NEET aspirant, it's always necessary for you to balance the positive and the negative aspects. Concentrating on positive things, resisting depression from overthinking. These are the courage that we wear over our skin. But don't you think working and fixing on the negative side will simultaneously erase the negative part?

To a Neet student, It is always said to revise, revise and revise.

The pressure for doing a lot of revision is for two reasons.

1. To remember and understand the concept.

2. To prevent negative marks.

Until now, you may have revised the NCERT for the sake of retaining information for long-term memory. Spending quality time to focus more on revision is important because you may have forgotten the role of the second reason (negative marks) in revision.

Every year the competition is increasing, and lakhs of students approach every NEET exam. Burning the midnight oil to achieve your dream. Cracking the NEET exam and bagging a seat in a prestigious college is always a NEET aspirant's dream. So do not ignore to focus on tiny details and inputs. Avoid the possibility that strives to knock your NEET preparation.

Negative marking is still the same in every year's NEET exam. 4 marks are allotted for the right answer, and 1 mark is subtracted for the wrong answer.

After studying thoroughly regarding a topic, a student ends up marking wrong answers. If you're among those students, ask yourself, what is the reason for this?

Perhaps the reasons could be

· panic, over-thinking, overconfidence, stress, lack of concentration in study, and some silly mistakes.

· Not accepting the fact that you have no clear idea of a given complex question.

There are some routes by implementing them, you can avoid negative attempts in the NEET exam.

3 ways to reduce negative marking in the NEET-UG exam

1. The fear of scoring fewer marks or the fear of not qualifying.

This thing occurs due to a lack of confidence. Having no faith in your hard work. Accept failure since it is a step closer to success rather than accepting it as the end to success.

After receiving the question paper in the exam, students start panicking. The time, hard work, and results all over thinking hit the young minds during the exam.

Avoid such thoughts and keep the focus only on questions in front of you.

2. Overthinking about Questions and wasting time

Every student tries to attempt all questions with excitement to score high marks. Spending more time and gluing to the same questions you have the least knowledge about should be avoided. In this case, you'll get no time or spend less time on those topic questions which you are an expert in and end up making silly mistakes.

Remember that Neet paper comes with negative mark tallies. Stiff your preparation and revise your topics often to reduce negative marks.

Strictly prohibit attempting doubtful guesses, unfamiliar questions. Prevent marking the questions when you think two of the answers may be right. Around 30 % of students adapt to the elimination process for unfamiliar options. Follow illogical steps by making a loud call to luck. Thereby ending up marking one answer among the two selected.

3. Concentration

Adhering to concentration is key in both the NEET exam and NEET exam preparation. The primary reason for making silly mistakes is due to lack of concentration.

Not reading the questions clearly.

  • Being overconfident about the answer.

  • Bubbling in the wrong circle.

  • Applying guesswork and predictions & mistaken calculation.

These things in one way or the other impact your marks.

Although you have studied every topic, you'll head to increasing advanced knowledge. Studying new and revising old both cannot fall in one place. Revision is a crucial factor that decides your quality preparation.

But you can gauge your revision with smart work. For this purpose, you can utilize Memoneet app benefits.

Key features of Memoneet app

1. Question created and taken from line to line NCERT

2. Revision at fingertips

3. Interactive question (fillup, drag&drop) to retain the keywords of the answer

4. Repeated reminders to learn from your past mistakes.

(ps: avoid social media but not the utility of mobile technology)

Things to follow while marking the answer

  • Avoid stressing over a particular question.

  • Stop wasting time more than required.

  • Be confident and not be overconfident.

  • Avoid unsure guesswork

Always stick to the beliefs of hard work and positivity. Be hydrated with health and motivation.

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