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How to Choose the Right Test Series for NEET Prep?

Updated: Jun 21

If you're planning to prepare for NEET 2025, then the journey begins with a crucial first step: Selecting the right test series. Yes! While watching concept video lectures is beneficial, it's equally important to sign up for a test series immediately.

Every time you finish studying 1-2 chapters, take a test to solidify your learning. You will forget your learning if you don't seal it with a test. This is the most common and significant problem students face while preparing for NEET.

The second major challenge is revision. As you finish 2-3 chapters a week, you need to revise those chapters frequently. Without regular revision, you will gradually forget what you've learned over time.

So, the first problem is immediately forgetting concepts if you don't test yourself right away. and the second problem is gradually forgetting if you don't revisit and test these concepts in the near future. Therefore, signing up for a test series at the start of your preparation, which can offer numerous part tests, is essential.

Now you know why test series are important, but choosing the right test series is still left. So one of the best NEET test series, MemoNeet offers you the Brahmastra Test Series for NEET 2025, a highly effective test series, with a detailed planner, where each test is well spaced. 

Another challenge is balancing the syllabi of both class 11 and class 12. If you're currently in class 12, you might focus solely on the class 12 syllabus, and neglect the class 11 content. However, NEET requires you to master both syllabi simultaneously. You need a test series that integrates both class 11 and class 12 content. The Brahmastra Test Series does exactly that, with its well-structured schedule.

In a month, the Brahmastra Test Series includes six tests: the first test (BPT 1) focuses on class 11, the second test (BPT 2) on class 12, and the third test (BPT 3) combines both. Then the fourth test (BPT 4) will be on class 11 again, and fifth test (BPT 5) will be on class 12 again. The next test, BPT 6 will contain everything from BPT 1 to BPT 5. 

This pattern continues, ensuring that by the time you reach a cumulative test, you have thoroughly revised and integrated your knowledge from all the previous BPTs. Each part test covers a minimal number of chapters—about 2 per subject, totaling 12 chapters a month across Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.

By gradually progressing through 26 BPTs in 8 months and then moving on to 10 full-length tests in another 3 months, you will have effectively covered the entire syllabus. This method ensures not only that you have learned the material but also that you retain it. Studying without retention is futile, so this structured approach guarantees that you remember what you’ve studied.

Choosing the right test series for your NEET preparation is a critical decision. It requires significant effort, but with the Brahmastra Test Series, you can get a test series of NEET level, completely NCERT-based, with sample part tests and full-length tests. 

For those who didn't enroll in BTS in 2024, the analysis of the exam paper reveals significant insights—95% of the questions that appeared in the NEET exam were covered in BTS. This indicates that students who thoroughly practiced with BTS would likely have scored 680+ out of 720 in NEET 2024. Don’t overlook this opportunity this year.

Every NEET aspirant should consider utilizing this test series. Both online and printed versions are accessible, with the online version being more cost-effective. The offline version offers an authentic exam experience and includes a comprehensive test series planner and preparation guide.

As a bonus, MemoNeet is starting a YouTube batch for BTS students. Before each test, you can watch video lectures to grasp the concepts fully, eliminating the need for another platform. These batches are free, with the first video lecture posted a few days before the first part test on May 26.

Start your preparation now. Today is the day to take the first step towards your NEET 2025 success.

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