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Updated: Nov 18, 2021

If you are an aspiring student seeking admission in MBBS or BDS, then you will have to undertake the Neet exam to reach your destination. All the candidates between the age of 17-25 are eligible for the exam. The Neet exam preparation can seem daunting. Neet aspirants can often get intimidated and let their anxiety take over them. The formidable emotions can only be set aside if a student has an effective study plan. As Michael Porter, one of the leading economists, says: “Strategy is choosing what not to do” so eradicating the fear and anxiety should be the foremost priority, and then focusing on a study plan is necessary.

Ways To Prepare for NEET Exam

Following are some ways you can adapt for your exam preparation.

Syllabus Awareness

Students aspiring to take the exam should be aware of the Neet syllabus. Visit the Neet website to get the syllabus idea. Compare the syllabus with the board exams and filter out the common as well as the new topics. Once you have become familiar with the syllabus, enhance your focus on the new topics while simultaneously preparing for common points. Assign yourself milestones every day and prioritize your tasks to achieve maximum results.

Gather the Study Materials

Neet exam comes from various well-written scientific books. Almost 70% of the exam is based on NCERT books. Therefore, NCERT books remain the anchor of exam preparation. The other books include; Trueman’s Biology, Modern approach to Chemistry by R. C Mukherjee, and Problems of general Physics by I.E Irodov. These books, coupled with NCERT and board syllabus, serve as the appropriate study materials for the exam. Students can efficiently study, if they consult these books, understand the details and develop conceptual and logical reasoning. To get the information on all the books suitable for the Neet exam preparation, follow our article.

Set the Schedule

Utilize most of your time in exam preparation. Set your schedule in such a way that most of your time is allocated to Neet preparation. The hours after the dawn are highly fitting for study. When you wake up at dawn, your brain is ready to begin a new thought process. You can store the information and process the data effectively. After taking a good night's sleep, your brain is fresh, and all the random and cluttered thoughts get eliminated. From dawn till early morning, study the complicated topics and let the concepts diffuse into your brain.

Understand the Marks Distribution

The exam paper consists of 180 questions. The sections comprise Physics, Chemistry, and biology that further divides into botany and zoology. Having 90 questions, the biology section has more weightage and marks. If applicants seek to pass the exam, they must strengthen their biology concepts. The other two subjects hold forty-five marks each. However, neglecting these subjects will not grant the candidate a good score. The Neet aspirants should concentrate on all subjects but pay more attention to biology.

NEET Biology

As biology occupies more weightage, so excelling in it becomes necessary for candidates. If you aim at scoring good results, then strengthen your biology concepts.

Certain websites and apps help candidates prepare Neet biology and Memoneet is one such app. It functions on a very advanced algorithm that trains your brain to retain information. Using the app, you can turn your short-term memory into the long-term. If you are determined to master Neet biology, then it is your go-to app. Focusing on NCERT biology, Memoneet ensures that candidates score excellent results in Neet biology.

Make Notes

Studying the books thoroughly and understanding the topics is not sufficient for Neet exam preparation. The candidates must form notes and mind maps that will help them in revising the concepts. You can formulate mind maps and quick notes to kick start your memory, allowing it to flow the information. Draw mind maps to associate topics with concepts and use apps such as Memoneet to practice what you have learned.

Stay Healthy

Monitor your health, have deep sleep and naps to elevate your brain functionality. Regulate your diet and prefer foods that will help you remain active. Take frequent breaks through the study session and reward yourself once you have completed a milestone in your schedule. The strategy will keep you motivated for your studies. Moreover, your health will provide you the agility required to work hard and stay ahead of your schedule.

Neet aspirants can effectively prepare for the exam if they follow the rules. Increase your productivity and keep a balance between studies and breaks. Throughout Neet exam preparation, stay dedicated to your goal and work hard.

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