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Updated: Nov 18, 2021


Passing the Neet exam in the first attempt is the ambition of every Neet aspirant. Every high school graduate undertaking the Neet exam strives to ace it on the first try. The first attempt at the Neet exam can either become a glorifying moment or a harshly undermining phase in life. Therefore, the most frequently asked question from Neet aspirants is How I can pass the Neet exam in the first take. To answer this question, we have combined a range of strategies.

Cracking Neet in First Attempt

Following are some of the strategies that can assist students.


Before we further dwell on the specific protocols of passing the Neet exam in the first attempt, let us understand the driving force that helps students achieve the goal. If students are determined to pass the exam, they will leave no stone unturned in doing so. Therefore, you must have the required determination and dedication that lays the path for the hard work enabling you to pass the exam in the initial attempt.

Developing Concepts

The Neet exam is the evaluation of the combined knowledge gathered in grades 11th and 12th. So, the students having a general understanding of the topics included in these grades are one step ahead of the rest of the aspirants. Physics, chemistry, and biology all require you to have a conceptual approach. Studying each topic to develop an understanding can strengthen the concepts.

Master the Important Topics

Following are some of the key topics in the three disciplines of the Neet exam.


In physics, the important topics include; mechanics, work and energy, electromagnetism, electrostatics, bulk matter, and optical physics.


If we move on to chemistry, then both organic and inorganic chemistry play an equal role. The best way to prepare for both is to study them every day. Study inorganic chemistry everyday day to retain information on each subtopic. Organic chemistry, on the other hand, requires practice. Practice the reactions regularly to understand them better. Important topics in inorganic chemistry include p-block elements. In organic chemistry topics such as aldehydes, carboxylic acids, alcohols, amines, ketones hold significance.


In biology, plant physiology, ecology, and human physiology all are important topics. Studying these topics and understanding the basic principle in each can help aspirants ace them.

Mock Tests

Mock tests are based on the Neet pattern and are important for students who may take the exam in the upcoming days. Mock exams can help you familiarize with the exam pattern, marks distribution, and questions. The Neet exam does not contain simplified questions. To answer these questions, the student must possess the necessary concepts. Therefore, the mock exam can help the student understand the nature of the questions included in the exam.


If you discuss the Neet exam with all the former highest achievers, they will stress on revision. Revision is highly significant if you want to pass the Neet exam on the first attempt. When you revise concepts and topics, they become a part of your memory. The mind retains this memory for longer time intervals. It becomes part of your conscious and subconscious. Therefore, you can retrieve it any moment you require and the Neet exam is the perfect moment to use the long-term memory.

Staying Ahead of Time

The only way you can excel Neet is if you stay ahead of the exam deadline. Neet aspirants must complete their initial preparation months before the exam. Prepare all the topics that remain ambiguous to you and build the understanding of those that seem complex. After completing the initial preparation, you will have loads of time to invest in revision. Only those who have effectively prepared and revised the syllabus can pass the exam on the first attempt.

Cover Everything

Knowing important topics does not imply that the aspirants should focus on only these topics. Neet exam is unpredictable, therefore, even the topics that seem minor can contribute to multiple questions in the exam. So do not leave concepts or topics from any of the subjects.

Helping Apps

Lately, numerous applications have been developed to assist students in exam preparation. One such app is Memoneet. It focuses on the NCERT biology by creating questions from each line of every topic. Since 90% of the Neet exam comes from NCERT. Therefore, it can be hard for students to retain all the information in the book without practice but Memoneet can help them practice the concepts. The mock test features of the app prepare you for the final exam. Once you have prepared the topics, you can utilize the app to nourish your memory by solving the question.

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