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Strategy for Neet Biology

Updated: Jul 12, 2022


If you are a NEET aspirant trying to crack the exam at the first attempt, then you must be able to excel at the Neet biology section. Neet biology occupies 50% of the Neet exam. Out of the total 180 questions present in the exam, 180 are from biology. Therefore, if you ace this portion, you are halfway through passing the Neet exam.

Preparing For Neet Biology

So let us focus on some of the aspects of a Neet biology exam.


The Neet biology section primarily contains questions from NCERT. Both class 11th and 12th books make up 38 chapters. Some of these chapters are too detailed and lengthy while, the others are short and comprehensive.

Biology Exam

The biology section in the Neet exam consists of two parts. These are zoology and botany. The questions in the botany and zoology section are mostly included in the NCET books. The plant physiology section in NCERT is also very informative for the exam. The zoology part owes most of its questions to the human physiology portion of the NCERT book.

Understanding The Important Topics

There are multiple topics in the NCERT book, but some hold more weightage than others. These topics are either complex or contain information that will help you in your future medical career. Some of the important topics include reproduction, genetics, plant physiology, biotechnology, and ecology.

Prepare The Schedule

While preparing for the Neet exam, it is necessary to have a schedule and consider it sacred. You must maintain the sanctity of this schedule by following it. As the Neet exam contains three sections, with each holding significance for passing the exam. So, you must allot time to each subject. To study biology and achieve adroitness, you must have concepts and information. A combination of both can allow you to succeed in Neet biology. To retain the information in your memory, you should start at dawn and begin studying biology as that dawn is an excellent time for memorizing.


Revision is another tactic to strengthen your concepts and memory. The more you revise the topics, the greater chance you have at passing the Neet exam. Formulate mind maps and quick notes for the concepts. Use color-coded schemes for tables and cycles to have a clear idea of the content in the topic.


Numerous websites and apps promise to take your Neet preparation to the next level. However, one such app called Memoneet has been tested to enhance learning. Memoneet centralizes its questions around NCERT biology. The interactive user interface elevates your focus and study capacity by stretching it for hours. Practicing the questions regularly will allow you to retain the information. Memoneet also has mock test features to familiarize you with the Neet exam pattern. The question types commonly included in the app are mocks, matches, and diagrams so that you will learn to approach each concept differently. So, install the Memoneet app, benefit from its features and crack the Neet exam.

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